Trade like a pro,
just by copying

Now available for iOS and Android devices

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Secure Client Login
Secure Client Login

How CopyTrade works?

Simply follow and copy trades made by others, direct into your account. This is an ideal solution for traders who are interested in the markets yet may be short of time or education, or just simply wish to have someone else trade on their behalf.

For a beginner

Create a Copier account and you will be able to copy orders with the settings you want from top traders or someone you know and automatically profit with them with a small fee. A win-win-situation.

No minimum deposit

Up to 3 Copier accounts

Cannot be Master account

Copy, stop or switch to other master
at any time you wish

For an experienced trader

Use your master account to trade, make profits and let other traders copy from you. You will earn a commission for every profit made by them.

US$500 minimum deposit

Only 1 Master account

Cannot be Copier account

You may set preferred commission percentage
you want to earn

A reward not to be missed

For a limited time only, we give you 50% credit as deposit bonus with a minimum deposit of US$500. This credit bonus valid to use for 60 days.

Awesome features that our traders love

Manage your accounts on the move

This platform is available on your mobile wherever you are. Copy, update profile or view your commission on the go at ease.

Automatic trading

CopyTrade enables you to copy trades of your chosen Master directly into your account with just a few simple settings.

No minimum deposit

You don't necessarily need to make a large deposit to start copying. Some Master allow you to start with as little as $10.

Reverse Copy

Losing trader also can be a good fortune. Find a trader, choose Reverse Copy and whenever he sell, you buy; he lose, you win.


Access your CopyTrade, start copying and earn profit anywhere, anytime from your mobile devices without the desktop.


Learning to use CopyTrade

Get a grasp of the most fundamental tools and learn the user interface in CopyTrade. This short ebook tutorial focusing on specific features from navigation, to Copy Settings and many more.

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Malay Version

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